Joint Pain

"Slack Balm soothes and relaxes my tired joints and muscles."

Mary Gadsby 


"I have used your balm for some time and I promote it to all my friends and business associates. We even use it in our Bee harvesting business, try it on a bee sting, instant relief.


Carol Mason 

Country Cousins Creative Director

"I love the cool deep penetrating feeling of Slack Balm on my lower back.” 

Dorothy Small 


"I'm in my mid-70s, I don't always want to admit to it, but it's true. As you get older you stiffen up a bit. I did have arthritis as a child, so probably nearly all my joints have been affected.

It's easy to apply, it works and it has a very nice aroma. I also like using something that's natural.


I think the marvelous thing about it is that it actually does what I'm told it would. 


It’s healthy and it  gives me relief which makes  life is slightly better."

Gillian Peebles 

Auckland Business Woman and Farmer

“The Slack Pangpon Balm feels so soothing and so cool.


I get immediate relief on my shoulders, which after 28 years of pushing a wheelchair get really stiff at night.”

Andrew Hall 

Chairman, New Zealand Spinal Trust 

"After a broken leg, ankle, and ankle fusion this balm helped me through my injury. 


I still use it 2 years on. The product is magic!"

Kylee Saunders 

Dairy Farm Manager