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"We've got big hits now in professional rugby. The boys are big, tough and you take the knocks.


I use Slack Balm in pre-game warm ups just to get that hit of relief and then afterwards for recovery getting my muscles ready for the next game."

“I train six days a week, two sessions a day. Because I’m not privileged enough to travel around with a physio I carry Slack Balm in my bag and that’s my physio in a bottle really.


If I’ve had a hard training or a game, I just put that on and it helps me out. Slack Balm is my number one."

"As a result of the kilometers that I cover, I do suffer a lot of muscle fatigue and tightness. It's something that I have to keep on top of. 


I use Slack Balm when I have any niggle, any strain or any muscle tightness, it’s almost instant relief. Then the next day I’m ready to go again."

Alex Bradley 

Former New Zealand Representative Rugby Player

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Joelle King 

Professional Squash Player

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Lisa Robertson

Jockey and Marathon Runner

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Sporting Relief
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