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For companies and businesses who employ people in active roles,  Slack Balm provides a self-help solution for onsite issues.


Slack Balm is currently used by a range of employers that seek the short and long-term benefits of providing their staff with an onsite option. It is the perfect aid for companies where employees carry out manual work such as assembly lines, storemen, packers, plumbers, builders, firefighters, gardeners and landscapers. 


One employer encourages his factory staff, who perform repetitive manual work, to apply the balm at the end of each day to combat stiff shoulders and necks. Another firm has equipped it's 80 vehicle fleet with Slack Balm to assist their engineers working at different sites each day. 


Managing Director at Sealing New Zealand, Greg Walker, has been purchasing Slack Balm for the past four years. Every work vehicle is fitted with a pot of Slack Balm in its first aid kit. Additional to this, employees also receive a container of the balm when they complete their induction to the company. 


"Staff have found it exceptionally useful due to the labour-intensive nature of our work as we have a lot of staff with muscle strains".


Greg says that the company always has stock available for staff to use. He has found that staff do not need to be encouraged to use the product, instead asking to take extra as it works so well in easing discomfort. 


"I would recommend this product to all and believe more companies should follow and make this cost-effective balm available for employees to benefit from," says Greg. 


Slack Balm has become even more relevant for employers with the heightened awareness of responsibilities to employees around matters of health and safety. To enquire how Slack Balm can keep your employees performing at their highest standard, please click below. 


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