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For Professionals such as Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists


Slack Balm's natural properties provide those working in the health sector with a natural remedy to relieve customers' muscles and joints. Several Physiotherapists are currently using Slack Balm on their patients and receiving positive responses about the result. 

Lisa Robertson - Jockey and Marathon Runner


"I have given my sports massage guy a pot of Slack Balm which he uses on me and a lot of the other patients.

He has actually said how good it is. It's almost instant relief."



Health Service Coordinator


"There are quite a few people in the office using Slack Balm. I have it sitting on my desk with the poster and colleagues are constantly coming up and asking to use it. One particular guy was raving about it this morning again as he came over to use some. I told him that I would let you know that he thinks it is the best stuff out there.."



Massage Therapist - 19 years of experience 


"I began using this product about a year ago and it has replaced everything else we had on the shelf. It was introduced to me by a client who had major stiffness issues when being massaged. We had used other products with very little effect. She brought this to me and from day one we were very impressed with it.


Once we have got our clients past the fact that it's a natural product, but it still works, they become repeat buyers. We've come to regard it as a physio in a bottle."



To find out more about using Slack Balm for patients, please click below to send us your enquiry. 


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