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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Why DO or WOULD a Physio / Massage Therapist use Slack Balm ?

Firstly, myself, as a C3 - C4 dislocation diplegic, who has walked for 36yrs 100% reliant on caliphers, crutches and scissors badly, Slack Balm aids in keeping my joints supple.

Applying every morning to knees, ankles and soles of feet, once rubbed in, it's gone, penetrated deeply.

So WOULD.... a Therapist? If a physio used there hands to manipulate, is the intention to increase blood flow to the affected area? If so, What do you use as an aid when out of your studio, away from power sources?

So DO.... Therapists use?. Yes, we supply multiple Physio & Massage Therapists throughout NZ with Slack Balm.

My question, Is there science that confirms high impact trauma is best treated cold against using a heat rub in the first instance?

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