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Slack Balm - Herbal Relief

SLACK BALM - a story, as suggested by Jason Gunn, tell Your story, in Your language, because, its Your story! So, thats what will happen with this blog.. Starting with a `LIGHT BULB MOMENT` !

Since 2010 we have imported from Thailand, then distributed 20,000 + units to Pharmacies, Veterinary Clinics, Saddleries, Massage Therapists ect along with repeat online customers from Kaitaia to Stewart Island via our website .

I agonised over the best way to describe SLACK BALM to those of you whom have not experienced it, due to restrictions placed on advertising and making false claims.

My nephew, a Harley riding black leather jacket sort of man, stood in my office doorway, looked over at my stock of SLACK BALM, and said, " i use that on my leather jacket, rub it into the creases, keeps it supple and increases its longevity "

I was floored - the Light Bulb moment !

If i massage SLACK BALM to any stiff or niggly areas, its penetrated my skin and gone instantly, the relief comes quickly. So, leather is animal skin ! Wow !

That is the best endorsement I can give you, this product will penetrate your skin and ease your issues, be it high impact sport bumps, old age or breathing issues, self massage SLACK BALM directly to the affected area... you will be amazed ...

... DO TRY IT @

Bryce Waters

182 Broadway



Managing Director


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